Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Barren Soul

Whispers come, whispers go, thrusting through my barren soul.

Wind wisping through my ears,
bearing down upon my fears.
Swaying high, swaying low,
side to side the torment flows.
Heart pounding, fists of rage,
rattle upon this iron cage.
Demons dropping all around,
flames burst upon the ground.
Glimpse the light, grab a hold,
slipping through that narrow hole.
Gaping wounds bleeding out,
stirring thunder all about.
Dagger dripping bloody pain,
piercing terror through my brain.
Stop to fall upon the ground,
jolted by this haunting sound.
Creeping deeper through my skin,
searching, stabbing moving in,
Raise my shield, kneeling low.
bleeding chest upon the snow.
Chills consuming all my flesh,
turn to fire with one breath.
Seething in and bursting out,
freedom swaying all about.
Just a whisper in my ear.
Cannot see, cannot hear.
No escaping from this hell,
beneath the grave, where I fell.
Oh my angels sweet release,
crying out in holy grief.
Dig and claw, one last gasp,
swirling through this holy wrath.
Crawling back, to dirt and bones,
pain, fire and empty groans.
None shall come, none shall stay.
My angel slowly slipped away.

Whispers come, whispers go, thrusting through my barren soul.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Veil of death by KCH

Tick tock round the clock someone please make it stop

Dancing in and out of sleep,
stirring me from the deep
Heart pounding fast and slow,
hearing whispers from below

Begging for one more breath,
beneath this veil of sudden death.
Shut eye in my dreams,
am I sleeping through the screams

Tick tock round the clock someone please make it stop

Clawing through the murky web,
weaving through my aching head
Angels on the other side,
swimming through the tears I've cried

Falling in and out of view,
Someone who resembled you,
Evil dripping through your soul,
Creeping round the floor below

Tick tock round the clock someone please make it stop

Shudder when I hear the call,
Lurking down a darkened hall,
Clinging on to the light,
In my fortress from the night

Teasing me with peaceful sounds,
Chills grip me all around.
I see the darkness in your soul
beneath the veil I've come to know

Tick tock round the clock someone please make it stop

A soothing voice calls me out,
I search and struggle all about
Nothing there, I cannot see
did you really come for me

Dark, light, peace and pain
In and out, who will reign
Will I know the one who saves,
or will I meet you at the grave

Tick tock round the clock someone please make it stop


Friday, October 3, 2014

Dare We Must

Dare we breathe
the sweetest breath
or wear a grin
while facing death

Dare we ponder
love and hate
with whispers in
our ears of fate

Dare we ask
a dying man
to wiggle his toes
in the sand

Dare we gasp
when love takes hold
or swallow the joy
down into our soul

Dare we smile
upon our fears
or laugh a little
through our tears

Dare we love
and share to its depth
as we ponder
our last regret

Dare we express
our kinder words
lest we fear
they're never heard

Dare we sing
our song of praise
while treading through
our darkest days

Dare we bring forth
our heart and soul
upon our weary
and broken road

Dare we must
and dare we will
for love will sleep
until we feel.

Until we feel
and freely move
the passion within
will not be soothed

Friday, September 26, 2014


If my lips were briefly sealed,
not a thought to be revealed

If I loved you without words,
I wonder if I would be heard

Would my eyes grip your soul,
casting doubt on all you know

Would you fall, to your knees,
overwhelmed by what you see

Would you search beneath my skin,
yearning for a new way in

Would my love be lost on you,
or pierce your heart through and through

Would you simply walk away,
cold and empty all of your days.

For Robin Williams

Did you know we’d cry along,
did you know that we would mourn?

In the darkness of despair,
did you know that we were there?

In the whispers of your mind,
did you feel us or were you blind?

Blinded by the rising pain,
slipping in and out of sane.

Could you feel, see or touch,
the love our hearts felt so much?

How could you know or even care,
wrestling with such deep despair?

Your prison wall cast out the love,
but now it flows to you above.

Center stage with love and cheers,
seeping through buckets of tears.

Go in peace and rest your soul
for then you didn’t, but now you know.

RIP to my favorite actor.


Spinning Little Orb

A little girl is combing her hair
A teenager decides what to wear
A mom is baking and running amuk,
A Dad is fixing the pickup truck
Choirs are singing and praising their God
Protesters stand against the facade
Dogs are barking and chasing balls
Cats are screeching within empty walls

Fans are cheering their favorite team
Children are starving and sleeping through screams
A beautiful baby just learned how to crawl
Gangs are forming and breaking the law
Couples are kissing, on their first date
2 minutes ago a woman was raped
A beautiful little baby was born
A father left a family in scorn
An artist painted a beautiful scene
An abused child woke with a scream
A long lost relative just arrived
A veteran committed suicide
A businessman signed a million dollar deal
A homeless man prayed for just one meal
A family spent a day at the mall
A bully pinned a kid to the wall
A father lifted his son in praise
A soldier died defending our ways
A couple just found, love at first sight
A son was tried and sentenced to life
A mother is soothing her child's cries
A bomb was dropped taking hundreds of lives

This ball in space is spinning so fast
Nothing stands still and nothing will last.
Each little life with its own little story
The pain and the suffering, the love and the glory
Someone just died and another was born
All this in a day on our spinning little orb
When you look in my eyes I hope you will see
That I am in you and you are in me


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Day and night are illusions of mind,
they show the world in form and time.
Just as the space, between the trees,
shows the place, from which they breathe.

Without the space, between the trees,
how on earth could they possibly be?
Be in their form and visually there,
distinct, unique and separate from air.

Without the light shinning on me,
how on earth could I possibly Be?
Be in this space, and visually here,
without light to say, see she is there.

The sight of the mind, alone cannot not know,
from where we came, and how we grow.
For light and space give truth to form,
and in truth, is where we are actually born.

Born through space and into the light,
wanting just to Be, day or night.

by KCH

Pics and Poems: war correspondent by David King

Click on this link to read a poem by David King. I love his work.
Pics and Poems: war correspondent

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family Christmas

Tis the season, fun and folly,
making jokes about Aunt Molly.

Laughter, love and giving free,
drunken stumbles upon the tree.

Cup in hand and spreading cheer, 
flying upon the nearest reindeer.

Apologizing to Uncle John,
as he's the reindeer I rode upon.

Granny's teeth fell in the pot,
a six pack down I say, "why not".

Sipping stew and full of folly,
shooting Spitballs at Aunt Molly.

That'll teach her a thing or two,
I say while sipping granny's stew.

Vultures gnawing on the wrapper,
one more gift for the crapper.

Kissing under mistletoe,
regretting it was Uncle Joe!

Sneaking out upon the roof,
hoping to wrangle just one hoof.

There goes one! I reel 'em in.
Holy crap it's Aunty Gin!

Off the roof into the snow,
at least it wasn't Uncle Joe!

Change into my santa suit,
damn I'm looking mighty cute.

Stumble down the stairs for fun,
little kiddies on the run.

Wait little girl, I'm Santa Claus!
daddy grips me with his paws.

Come on son, follow me,
I have something you should see.

Boot in ass I'm flying high,
reindeer soaring through the sky.

Hello Rudolph, hey there Donner,
boy I thought I was a goner!

Well this was fun spreading cheer,
can't wait to see you all next year.

But if I don't, it's just as well,
cousin Karen's looking swell.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

To Sing

Night is calling me to sing,
of love, mercy & beautiful things.

My voice awakens to the call,
nerves on end, I wish to stall.

Stammer, cackle, choking out,
offensive noise fluttering about.

Deafening sounds offend most high,
Lord, I made the angels cry!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


This was part of a project I started a year or so ago, but never finished.

Wither, waiting while we waste, worrying what way we wander, while waking, winking, wistfully waltzing, wanting what we weave.

No Doom in Florida

Do people spend time looking for ways
in which everything harms us and numbers our days?

Our time on this earth seems cloaked in doom.
No plastic or cell phones. Can I still use a broom?

I watched the news and they started to tell
how booze is bad and makes us unwell.

Then the next day, another report,
drink lots of red wine, it's good for your heart.

And smoking will kill you, they assure us it's true.
but grandpa still smokes and he's 92!

Drink water from a tap? Surely you jest.
I saw Erin Brockovich. Boy that was a mess!

The sun will kill you and eat thru your skin
But Florida is crawling with our aging kin.

Their out in the sun, drinking from the tap,
lighting a smoke and taking long naps.

They get on the road, speeding and crawling,
then sip on their wine and sleep through till morning.

These crazy old coots are happy as clams,
waving back at your gestures in traffic jams.

They must have a secret they will not share.
But when I am old I hope to be there.

Smoking and drinking, making you nuts
doing 30 in a 60, cuz I could die on a bus!

What if

(Just a quick something for kids. Wish I had some good pics to  go with it. 
The one's in my head are Awesome! lol)

If left was right and right was left, 
boy would things be such a mess.

And if the door was on the roof,
would knocking come from reindeer hooves?

And if the TV was a chair,
would we sit, for hours and stare?

And if our legs were on our heads,
how would mamma make the bed?

And if the sun were the moon,
would it still be warm in June?

And if the sea was only sand,
would fish be crawling on the land?

And if the birds had no wings,
would they be creepy, crawly things?

And if the earth was just a dot,
would we be here, or would we not? 

Blogging Scoop

Poised & ready, I sit on this stoop,
writing to you my next big scoop.
A plane over head & birds in the trees,
waiting on verse to pass though me.

If I haven't a thought new & unique,
will you post me a note with subtle critique?
Or won't it be seen, as you pass me by,
"This title just didn't catch my eye".

Tapping my pen awaiting a rhyme,
I wonder if I am just wasting time.
The sun will set & pen will rest.
Will you say that I didn't give it my best?

I promised a scoop and it is this,
please get ready, it shouldn't be missed.
You are a victim of time gone by
and you won't get it back, please don't cry.

Apology written and fully expressed.
Now would you like to see the rest?